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iPhone 13 reviews are in, and it is all good news

People love to hate on Apple and their iPhones, however the smartphone brand continues to dominate when it comes to profits and mindshare. Ahead of the latest iPhone 13’s release on the 24th of September, review embargoes have been lifted, and almost all of the talk surrounding Apple’s latest and greatest has been positive…though the discussion surrounding the iPhone 13 vs Pro is more complex than ever.

Review embargoes have been lifted for Apple’s latest iPhone 13 series, with reviewers' thoughts surrounding the iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and Pro Max now public. One of the biggest complaints with the iPhone 12 series was its battery life. While the 12 Pro Max still exhibited good battery life, the generation as a whole saw a significant dip when compared to the 11 series. The iPhone 13 family all see boosts to battery life thanks to a marginally thicker casing and more efficient processor. According to reviewers, this allows for all of the iPhone 13s to exhibit great battery life. The only outlier is the iPhone 13 mini – though even that showed a big improvement over last year’s.

On the camera front, the standard iPhone 13 and mini receive last year’s 12 Pro Max cameras (sans the telephoto lens) meaning that even the cheapest iPhone 13 produces as good or even better photos than last year’s best (thanks in part to the new A15 chip). The Pro models meanwhile see another major jump in camera performance across the board, with all three lenses going far beyond the best of last year – though the main improvement can be seen with less-than-ideal lighting conditions. Even better perhaps is the fact that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max share the exact same camera setup meaning that you will not need to get the big phone in order to get the best pictures and video.

The last major improvement noted comes from the screen. While the iPhone 13 and 13 mini see modest improvements to screen brightness – bringing it on par with last year’s Pro models – the 13 Pro and Pro Max feature even brighter panels as well as variable 120hz screens, making the silky smooth iOS operating system even smoother.

While it is still early days, it seems as though the iPhone 13 series succeeds in all of these key areas that Apple fell short with the last generation of devices. While last year also saw disappointment with the Pro lineup, it seems as though this year, the Pros are much more enticing. After spending a year with the comically large iPhone 12 Pro Max specifically for its better battery and cameras, it is exciting and relieving to see the iPhone 13 Pro being just as good as this year’s Pro Max.

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