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Samsung launch PlayGalaxy Link game streaming app

Ever found yourself reaching the critical point in a PC gaming session, only to realise you have to pop out for an important engagement and leave the game behind, or even worse, lose your progress completely? Well, Samsung has come up with a new app that allows gamers to continue where they left off using a Samsung mobile device.

Samsung has launched the PlayGalaxy Link app, a live streaming service available through the Galaxy Store, on the Galaxy Note 10 that allows users to take their PC games with them while on the move. While cloud gaming has dominated gaming industry news in recent months with the launch of services like Google Stadia, PlayGalaxy Link goes beyond this by streaming your complete games library via a customisable streaming experience, connecting your Galaxy Note 10 to your own gaming PC.

Users of the Galaxy Note 10 can benefit from this new game streaming app anywhere, whether you are chilling on the sofa, experiencing the great outdoors or on your commute to work, PlayGalaxy Link can connect you via Wi-Fi or mobile data to pick up where you left off in the game. PlayGalaxy Link is designed to use a P2P connection, providing simplicity for better performance, reduced lag and latency which is critical when gaming.

PlayGalaxy Link uses an adaptive FPS system to ensure optimal connectivity even when network coverage is poor. However, device performance will all depend on your network connection and reliability may vary between local networks and regions. Without the need for local storage or high-performance graphics, PlayGalaxy Link can offer high-fidelity gaming while only consuming similar battery power as video streaming. Since the PlayGalaxy Link uses your PC to power your gaming session, Note 10 will not become too hot, avoiding dropped frame rates as a result.

Setting up PlayGalaxy Link is simple, All that’s required is to download and install the app on both your PC and Galaxy Note 10, add your games library and start streaming. For a better overall gaming experience, users can connect wired or Bluetooth-enabled controllers to the device.

The PlayGalaxy Link Beta is available to download now in the UK and other European regions including Italy, the Netherlands and France as well as the US, Canada, South Korea, Singapore and Russia. In addition to Note 10 users, Galaxy S10 users can download the MR software update to access PlayGalaxy Link. In December 2019 the MR update will be coming to the Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy A90 platforms, so users of those devices can enjoy PlayGalaxy Link too.

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KitGuru: While this may not be a revolutionary idea, it does sound very interesting for owners of compatible devices. Have any of you guys tried PlayGalaxy Link out yet, If so what do you think?

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