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Antec SPZero portable bluetooth speaker review


Well, you won’t lose this in the dark will you? In this colour (and to a lesser extent its alternative variations), the SPZero is a very loud looking device, irrespective of its audio capabilities. Its very eye catching and quite a good looking piece of equipment in our opinion. Of course it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but there are plenty of colour options.

The actual speaker body itself is only the black central piece. The rest – all that orange – is actually a rubberised protetctive shell and in the case of the two metal protrusions on the top, further protection, a grab handle and something you can use to clip the speaker to a bag; or bandolier if you’re feeling like a man about town.


Nestled between the pair of miniaturised metal handles are the simple device controls. There’s three rubber buttons: a volume up and down and a power switch. Since most of the functionality for this is handled by whatever device is actually playing the music, there’s no need for more.

I imagine the smart (arses) among you are at this moment saying, “But what about pairing? how do you do that with only three buttons?” It’s a good question, but you’re not thinking about holding.

To pair the speaker up with your handset or tablet, you simply hold the power button.  How long? …

… Eight seconds.

It’s a bit long, but hey, at least you know your SPzero won’t just go pairing with any device in the vicinity. You have to press and hold the buttons first.

Turning it on is a five second hold and when ready you get a little white light appearing at the top of the front black panel. While you are trying to pair it, it is red. There’s also a voice that talks you through which is pretty handy. “Power on,” and “power off,” let you know exactly what is going on.

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