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Sony i1 will feature 61fps video capture

There was a time when mobile phones would not even capture a photograph, yet the new products being planned by Sony for the end of August will take video processing into a whole new realm for a smartphone. KitGuru has been listening to the rumblings and is ready to report in high definition.

[UPDATE: We asked readers why the 61fps instead of 60 and the suggestion that Sony has implemented a ‘Spinal Tap Mode’ – where it is ‘1 better than 60’ can’t be ignored]

While the company might be a ‘Nobby No Mates’ in phones, Sony’s reputation for HD video cameras is second to none.

If you want to spend more than £100k on a camcorder, then Sony is your man.

That said, when the Sony Z1 ruled the planet as the HD video camera of choice at the budget end of the spectrum, there was one area where it lost out to rival solutions from companies like Panasonic – and that as high speed HD.

The idea that you can capture at 60fps or more, was a bit if a Holy Grail for junior film makers.

That frame rate allows you to do some very cool slow-mo in the edit suite, creating a different kind of film.

Now, with the launch of Sony’s strangely named i1 at the end of August, the video maker’s dream of affordable high speed HD will become a reality.

Enjoy Bullet Time with Kate using the amazing Slo-Mo Sony i1
Enjoy Bullet Time with Kate using the amazing Slo-Mo Sony i1

KitGuru says: We’re still not sure about Sony nicking the ‘i’ from Apple and the ‘1’ from HTC to make a new product name – but what a fantastic world awaits any budding George Lucas in the future. 

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