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Interview: Robert Hallock on Why AMD’s Efficiency Wins

We got the chance to speak to AMD's Director of Technical Marketing – Robert Hallock – on a variety of topics relating to the recently launched Ryzen 6000 Mobile Series of processors. Robert discusses the advantages for AMD's high-performance core design versus Intel's hybrid architecture, we talk power efficiency, and there's discussion on the advantages brought about by RDNA 2 graphics. 


00:00 Introduction
00:35 High-performance cores versus hybrid approaches
05:20 How difficult is the trade-off process?
07:10 TSMC 6nm
09:02 sweet spot for Ryzen 6000 Mobile?
11:04 The SoC
12:55 How much influence do partners have?
15:14 Power Management Framework
17:05 Information from behind the scenes?
18:23 DDR5/LPDDR5
21:27 USB4 certification and Thunderbolt
24:30 Display capabilities from the SoC
27:09 RDNA 2 GPU – memory bandwidth
28:51 What is the goal of the integrated GPU?
30:55 One laptop to rule them all?
32:30 Integrated GPU – balancing act?
34:18 Vendor feedback on Ryzen 6000?
36:19 Ryzen 6000 & Niche form factors?
37:25 What laptop does Robert want?
38:11 Progress from years ago to today
39:54 Closing remarks from Robert

Make sure to check out our video interview with Robert Hallock for full details on the topics that we discussed. We focused on a number of key points which included high-performance cores, new memory technology, and the RDNA 2 integrated GPU

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KitGuru says: It was interesting speaking to Robert on some of the benefits of AMD Ryzen 6000 Mobile Series and why they made the decisions that they did. Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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