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Interview: Robert Hallock on Why AMD’s Efficiency Wins

We got the chance to speak to AMD's Director of Technical Marketing on a variety of topics relating to the recently launched Ryzen 6000 Mobile Series of processors. Robert Hallock discusses the advantages for AMD's high-performance core design versus Intel's hybrid architecture, power efficiency, and there's discussion on the advantages brought about by RDNA 2 graphics...

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The Surface Book will be available in the UK soon

The Surface Book was one of the more exciting announcements to come out of Microsoft towards the end of last year and while it has been available in the US for a while now, it looks like the laptop/tablet hybrid is finally heading over to the UK, with pre-orders set …

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EVGA is launching a GTX 970 Hybrid GPU

EVGA has received plenty of positive reception for its Hybrid series of graphics cards, which currently include the GTX 980, GTX 980Ti and Titan X. Now, the company is adding another GPU to the closed-loop cooled line-up, Nvidia's popular GTX 970. As with the other Hybrid graphics cards, the GTX …

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Acer’s new all-in-one PC doubles as a giant tablet

Acer's newly announced all-in-one PC just so happens to double as a massive tablet. The 17.3 inch Acer Aspire Z3-700 comes with a touch screen, an Intel Skylake based CPU, 8GB of RAM, an SSD or traditional hard drive, along with a high-capacity battery so you can take it around …

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