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Alienware M18x Laptop Review (with i7-2960XM Extreme Edition)

The Alienware M18x arrives in a giant box, which could comfortably house a child. It weighs over 12kg, so you are aware immediately that this is a substantial system.

Inside the outer box is the Alienware branded container, which features a wonderful pixelated style fascia.

Shipped above the laptop is another, smaller box which contains all the peripherals.

The bundle is very impressive, as it should be with a premium product such as this. The mouse mat is a quality unit, and features the famous glowing Alien head.

The AlienWare cap will certainly grab the attention of a passer by, with the URL listed at the back.

The stand out extra for us is the leather bound manual, which features two giant screws on the left. It folds out to detail all areas of the laptop and surprisingly it even explains a little about the overclocking capabilities.

As we expected, the power adapter is a massive brick, weighing more than a netbook. The model number is DA300PM111. It connects to a standard, full size power supply cable. This is useful as many enthusiast users have several of these laying around, meaning a spare is always at hand.

Bonus points for presentation. The M18x is shipped within two very thick pieces of Styrofoam. As an extra security measure the laptop is encased in a soft felt case. This can actually be reused as a travelling cover.

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