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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 reportedly launching at MWC with lower price tag

Samsung faced a number of issues bringing its first foldable smartphone to market this year but eventually, the Galaxy Fold did make its way out into the world fully working. Rumour has it that next year, we’ll be seeing a new and improved Galaxy Fold 2, potentially with a much lower price tag too. 

According to sources speaking with the Korean Herald, Samsung will debut its second-generation foldable smartphone at Mobile World Congress in February 2020, with an estimated price tag of one million Korean Won, which is over 50% lower than the original Galaxy Fold. In the US, the original Galaxy Fold price translated to $2,000 USD or £1,900 GBP.

If the Galaxy Fold 2 does end up shipping at the lower estimated price, then we should see it sell for less than £900 in the UK. A direct currency conversion puts 1,000,000 KRW at £640 but once you take into account VAT, shipping etc, the final retail price would end up being higher.

At that sort of a price tag, the Galaxy Fold 2 would be in a very competitive position against the likes of Motorola, which has brought back the Razr as a £1,350 foldable smartphone.

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KitGuru Says: I didn’t think we would start hearing about a new Galaxy Fold so soon but here we are. If there is truth to this, then we should expect more leaks in the build up to MWC 2020. 

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