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Oculus VR is working on first-party video games

Oculus VR has been on the hiring spree for some time now. The company has hired a number of top video game developers, but it has never announced plans to design first-party virtual reality video games. Late last week the company finally confirmed that the development of its own content is underway.

Nowadays not a lot of game developers know how to create virtual reality games. Moreover, far not all studios are willing to invest in VR games as it is remains to be seen whether VR headsets gain any popularity in the next two or three years. Thanks to the acquisition by Facebook, Oculus VR now has plenty of money for in-house software development and, apparently, this is exactly what it is doing.

“We had done a lot of research on best practices, but it became clear that the only way we were really going to push our best practices forward was to eat our own dog food a bit and actually have a team that was actively working with our hardware, with our software, with our best practices, figuring out what works and what does not,” said Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR, in an interview with TechRadar. “They have been working on a lot of things, including singular game experiences. So yes, you will see real, actual first-party Oculus content.”


One of the first VR titles from Oculus will be VR Quest, a Zelda-like third-person dungeon crawler, according to John Carmack, chief technology officer of Oculus VR, reports IGN. Mr. Luckey said that the company has “a lot of other” projects internally, but did not elaborate.

In a bid to sell a lot of Oculus virtual reality headsets the company needs to ensure that there are games which take advantage of the hardware. Releasing its own games makes a lot of sense for Oculus VR, but in a bid to ensure the quality of titles, it will probably have to hire a lot more professional game developers that it has today.

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KitGuru Says: While the first-party VR games sound like a plan for Oculus VR, it will still need to make sure that leading-edge franchises fully support virtual reality as well since this will make the new technology truly adopted by the market.

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