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Samsung Gear VR cannot work for more than 25 minutes

Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality headset will be the first new-generation VR gear that will make it to the market ahead of Oculus VR’s Rift as well as Sony’s project Morpheus. Unfortunately, in its current form the devices has a limitation that could make it rather useless for core gamers.

At present Samsung allows end-users to try-out the Gear VR in its stores in South Korea. According to Asia Today, which visited one of the company’s shops, Samsung does not allow to use its Gear VR sample for more than 25 minutes due to overheating issues. A signage in the store recommends to use the device for 25 minutes, then let it cool-down for five minutes and then continue.

Keeping in mind that the GearVR is based on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, which consumes a lot of energy because of its high-performance system-on-chip and large screen, it is not surprising that it overheats when used heavily for prolonged periods of time. Since neither Gear VR nor the handset feature active cooling, the smartphone can even malfunction because of overheating.

Gear VR

Samsung officially does not comment on the product that has not been released yet, but keeping in mind that the Gear VR is due to hit the market later this month the limitation of 25 minutes continuous work will likely remain in commercial versions as well.

Typical core gamers can play their favourite titles for hours and making five minute breaks every half an hour will greatly ruin overall user experience.

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KitGuru Says: Given the lack of VR content for Google’s Android operating system, the 25-minute limitation does not seem to be the key drawback of the Gear VR platform. However, if Samsung and Oculus VR manage to make Gear VR work like Oculus Rift (Samsung would rather want it, but Oculus VR will barely want to create a rival for its own VR headset), then the limitation will become a key concern.

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