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Usage of USB 3.1 type-C connectors will not take off before 2016 – Foxlink

Although USB 3.1 type-C connector has loads of benefits for end-users compared to regular USB implementation, its usage will remain insignificant till 2016, according to Foxlink, a leading maker of various ports and connectors.

Reversible form-factor and improved durability of the new USB 3.1 type-C connectors bring loads of benefits to end-users and device manufacturers. However, before makers of various USB products start to adopt the new interconnection technology, producers of PCs, mainboards, computer cases and other devices will have to ship their products with type-C connectors. While the advantages of having such ports on their products are obvious, since there are no type-C peripherals, actual demand for devices featuring appropriate connectors will not be high at the moment.

Foxlink chairman Guo Tai-qiang recently told DigiTimes that he expected demand for type-C ports and connectors to remain limited until 2016. This year he expects type-C to be adopted by docking stations and similar devices that do not necessarily need backwards compatibility.


Since there are billions of peripherals that use regular USB ports, it will take the industry a decade or even longer to get rid of standard USB connectors. Therefore, expect the majority of personal computers and mainboards to retain USB type-A ports for a long time.

Since USB 3.1 type-C technology enables new usage models for USB, their popularity should grow rather quickly. For applications that do not need to retain compatibility with older gadgets (smartphones, tablets, docking stations, etc.), but which need charging capabilities and speedy interconnection, USB 3.1 type-C is just what the doctor ordered.

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KitGuru Says: The situation with USB 3.1 type-C connectors is a classic chicken and egg thing. Hopefully, the industry finds a way to adopt the new technology as quickly as possible since it brings massive amount of benefits. However, the history shows that new technologies are embraced quickly only when people are forced to upgrade.

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