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CES 2020: Elgato unveils new Key Light Air and 4K60 S+ capture card

Elgato is continuing to bolster its product portfolio, with two new additions announced at CES 2020. First is the 4K60 S+ capture card, an external device capable of recording 4K60 HDR10 gameplay, while Elgato also unveiled the Key Light Air – a sleek update to Key Light which launched in 2019.


Starting with the new 4K60 S+, Elgato calls this a ‘cutting-edge external 4K60 HDR10 capture solution' and it slots in as the company's top-end external capture card. This new device uses a USB 3.0 connection to allow live streaming via your desktop system, but it also boasts the ability to record up to 4K60 HDR10 footage directly to an SD card, meaning you don't need a connected PC or even any software to record your gameplay.

While is is certainly very handy to be able to record footage without a secondary capture system, you would imagine recording 4K gameplay directly to an SD card would fill it up pretty quickly. Obviously that depends on the size of your card, but Elgato does claim ‘up to seven hours of action-packed 4K HDR gameplay to a 256GB SD card'. This is thanks in part to the device's on-board HEVC encoding, which ‘keeps file sizes manageable' while also maintaining ‘the highest encoding performance possible.'

If you do want to connect the 4K60 S+ to a PC, you can record unlimited footage directly to your system's SSD or HDD, while Elgato's software is also accessible – with features including Flashback Recording and Live Commentary. You can also use the device with other software such as OBS Studio, and it also includes ‘true zero-lag' passthrough support.

As for the Key Light Air, this is an update to the original Key Light LED panel which we reviewed last year. By reducing power consumption and overall brightness, Elgato has been able to significantly reduce the overall size of the Key Light Air, giving it a much sleeker appearance. The Key Light Air measures 205 x 205 x 35 mm, compared to the original Key Light at 350 x 250 x 30 mm.

The Air still contains 80 ‘premium OSRAM LEDs' – the same number as its predecessor – but overall brightness is now rated at 1400 lumens, compared to 2800 lumens from the original model. Then again, power consumption has also been reduced from up to 45W to 25W for this new model. The Key Light Air also allows users to customise its colour temperature, from 2,900-7,000K.

Lastly, Key Light Air can be controlled from your phone, via the Elgato Control Center app, and you can also your PC or Mac to control the LEDs too.

Both new products are set to be available immediately, with the 4K60 S+ up for pre-order for £389.99, while the Key Light Air is up for pre-order at £129.95.

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KitGuru says: We've reviewed a number of Elgato products over the past year, and both new announcements look like good additions to Elgato's portfolio. Would any of our readers consider buying either of these new devices?

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