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Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Review

Corsair's M65 is undoubtedly one of the company's most iconic mouse designs. Debuting as the M60 back in 2011, it has undergone several revisions since then, and today marks the release of the M65 RGB Ultra.

This update brings several improvements from the previous M65 RGB Elite, and it feels like a device fit for 2021. The sensor is flawless, optical switches are used for the primary buttons and the cable is the most flexible I've ever used on a Corsair mouse.

That's not to mention the new tilt gesture functionality, achieved thanks to the inclusion of a six-axis gyro and accelerometer, allowing you to map various commands to a physical tilt of the mouse itself. This is something I have never seen before on a gaming mouse, and while I can't say it changed how I game, it is definitely a boon for productivity users.

So what we have here can be easily summed up as ‘Corsair's best ever M65 mouse.' But you'd hope that would be the case, right? I would certainly expect every new iteration to be better than the last, with more modern features, an improved sensor and so on.

The thing is, the M65 is a very unique shape that won't suit everybody, and the same goes for its weight. The fact it is 97g out of the box and you can actually make it heavier will make absolutely no sense to some people.

What I am really trying to say then, is if you know you like the M65 shape, then the M65 RGB Ultra is an excellent modern mouse using that shape. But if the original M60, or the M65, or the M65 RGB Pro didn't work for you… then this won't either. It's the perfect illustration of the fact that everybody is different and not all shapes work for all people.

Still, from an objective sense, it is very hard to fault this mouse, which is why it wins our top award. The buttons, sensor, build quality – all are excellent. If possible, we just recommend trying out the shape to see if it works for you before buying one.

You can buy the M65 RGB Ultra for £69.95 from Overclockers UK HERE.

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  • Excellent build quality.
  • Primary buttons use optical switches, with a light and fast actuation.
  • Similarly impressive side buttons and scroll wheel.
  • Flawless sensor.
  • New tilt controls are handy for productivity tasks.
  • Most flexible cable on a Corsair mouse I've used.
  • Five lift-off distance options to choose from.


  • We have used more flexible cables (though not on mice that also offer 8000Hz polling rate).
  • I found tilt controls work better for productivity usecases than for gaming.

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Rating: 9.0.

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