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TT eSports Challenger Prime Keyboard Review

On the whole, the TT eSports Challenger Prime is a decent keyboard on a budget.

Packaging is minimal – there is just the keyboard itself and two small booklets – but that is of no real importance. All it means is that users have to download the software suite themselves online, as there is no driver disc included.

The Challenger Prime immediately identifies itself as a gaming keyboard thanks to its sharp angles and aggressive appearance. Of course this is highly subjective, but I prefer a simpler and more understated keyboard. Some of you will no doubt find the aesthetics very pleasing.


For the price, the Challenger Prime actually has most of the gaming features I would expect, including 3-colour backlighting, up to 18 macro key options and multimedia keys too. Even some more expensive mechanical keyboards can lack these features, so it is good to see them present and correct here.

In terms of software, ‘basic yet functional’ is perhaps the key phrase. Users can re-map keys, assign macros and adjust the backlight colour, which is about it. The software is also fairly clunky and ugly-looking, but it gets the job done. Realistically, most users will probably use it to assign macros and then not use it again.

Everyday performance of the Challenger Prime is also decent. For a rubber dome, membrane keyboard the Challenger Prime is very quiet, which I found calming when composing emails and even typing this review. My main problems with it come from shorter key travel than I would like, and the Challenger Prime is also a wider keyboard than I am used to. However, many users may not find these issues problematic at all, as keyboards are highly subjective.

Still, for a decent, non-mechanical keyboard on a budget, you could do a lot worse than the TT eSports Challenger Prime. Availability is limited in the UK but Amazon currently have a few in stock for just £27.99.

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  • Good price
  • Very quiet
  • Useful backlight brightness dial
  • Multimedia keys


  • Aesthetics are not for everybody
  • Short key travel distance
  • Lack of tactile feedback may be off-putting for hardcore gamers

KitGuru says: In making a budget, rubber dome keyboard, TT eSports have done a good job with the Challenger Prime. It may not be for everybody, but for gamers on a budget it can do the job well.


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Rating: 0.0.

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