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AOC PDS241 24in Monitor Review – Porsche Design

The AOC PDS241 is a bit of a strange debut for this new product association, and more a portend of the future than the model that will make you go out and buy into this new range. It is undeniably a beautiful and streamlined design, that will improve the look of your desk and make your other peripherals look weedy so you find the need to search for equally aesthetic alternatives.

However, there are quite a few areas that will limit its appeal. The lack of OSD configurability will put off professional designers, for whom the excellent colour fidelity would have been a considerable attraction. This is not a screen for high-end gamers, either, and the paucity of inputs could be a hindrance too.

We would have liked a longer Mini HDMI cable in the box for the connection of the power brick and video input signal, or maybe even a variety of options. It would also have been good to have a full-sized HDMI cable in the box with an adapter for DisplayPort, since most graphics cards don't offer HDMI. A USB hub would have been useful too.

There is a 27 inch version of this screen already available, but that's essentially just a bigger version of this model. On the other hand, AOC has told us that these first two screens are merely the beginning of a much larger range. If the company does manage to combine this great design with, say, a LG 4K panel or a much more extensive OSD for designers, then they could really have a winning formula.

Where the PDS241 is concerned, the £200 price means that if you are in the market for a great-looking 24in display, for example for a secretary or receptionist, or if your work is not design intensive, then the AOC PDS241 could still be quite appealing. The premium is not huge for the Studio F. A. Porsche design. But overall, we're really looking forward to what AOC has planned for the next few models in this range, rather than being able to say that this is the screen that changes everything and you should go out and buy it now.

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  • Beautiful Studio F. A. Porsche design.
  • Excellent colour accuracy.
  • Good colour uniformity.
  • Innovative cable management system reduces clutter.


  • You pay (a little) extra for the design.
  • Very limited OSD options.
  • 4ms response rate.
  • Just a single HDMI input.
  • No USB hub.

Kitguru Says: The AOC PDS241 looks amazing and has some great design features, but it also has quite a few feature limitations that will restrict its success. We're waiting for the next model in the range.

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Rating: 7.0.

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