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Roccat Isku Gaming Keyboard Review

The Roccat Isku is supplied in a sizeable cardboard box that is decorated in Roccat’s trademark black and blue livery.  The top of the box features a large image of the keyboard alongside details of the keyboard’s most significant features.

Turning the box over reveals details of the keyboard’s features and specification in much more detail.  These are decorated with a few images which highlight some of the features.

Inside the exterior box there is an inner cardboard box which is very sturdy in construction.  This should provide the Isku with plenty of protection during transit.

Roccat only include a couple of items in the box with the Isku.  These are a quick start guide, a Roccat user code and a software CD.

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  • Seth

    Interesting they are using membrane technology on such a high priced product. Any benefits im missing?

  • Garth

    Nice looking product, but I bought a razer keyboard a few weeks ago. I think Roccat dropped the ball with membrane technology. That said, do gamers really need mechanical switches? id love to speak to some clans about it and see if there really is a difference.

  • Dave

    I like the look of it, I dont type much so membrane is fine for me. Never notice the difference :p

  • Rupert

    Looks fabulous ! bit expensive, but most gaming keyboards are.

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