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Roccat Isku Gaming Keyboard Review

Roccat include a comprehensive software bundle with the Isku that lets you configure every aspects of the keyboards performance and function.  You can set up five configuration profiles which can be switched on the fly.

The first page of the software handles macro button assignments which lets us configure the different macro buttons on the keyboard.  Like Roccat’s gaming mice, the Isku features EasyShift[+] which effectively doubles the number of macro buttons available.  It does this by giving each macro button a second function when pressed in conjunction with the EasyShift[+] key.  EasyShift[+] can also be used in conjunction with Roccat Talk which means you can share the macro functions between the mouse and the keyboard.

On the second and third pages we are able to configure the functions for all the other keys on the keyboard.  Like the macro buttons, these are compatible with Roccat Talk and EasyShift[+].

The fourth page of the software is labelled ‘Advanced Control’ and lets us configure various other aspects of the keyboard.  This includes LED lighting controls and character repeat.  There is also an option to disable certain keys like the Windows key which can get in the way when gaming.

The fifth and final page of the software there is a link to download the latest drivers for the keyboard.  There are also details of how to contact Roccat support should you have a problem with the keyboard.

Like most membrane gaming keyboards, the experience when gaming with the Isku isn’t much different from a standard membrane keyboard.  This is because there is very little difference in the feel as the internal components will be virtually identical.  The gaming experience certainly isn’t as impressive as a mechanical gaming keyboard but it is far from bad.  We would say the Roccat Isku is up there with the best membrane gaming keyboards out there.

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  • Seth

    Interesting they are using membrane technology on such a high priced product. Any benefits im missing?

  • Garth

    Nice looking product, but I bought a razer keyboard a few weeks ago. I think Roccat dropped the ball with membrane technology. That said, do gamers really need mechanical switches? id love to speak to some clans about it and see if there really is a difference.

  • Dave

    I like the look of it, I dont type much so membrane is fine for me. Never notice the difference :p

  • Rupert

    Looks fabulous ! bit expensive, but most gaming keyboards are.

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