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Fnatic Gear Rush G1 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Overall, I have very much enjoyed my time using the Fnatic Rush Gear gaming keyboard. Peripheral makers have been taking advice from eSports players on design for years, so it is nice to see a team go the extra mile and just create their own products instead.

While the Gear Rush does have a soft-touch finish, the body feels solid and there is a bit of weight to the board. It certainly doesn’t feel like it was cheaply made and it could probably withstand some abuse.

Fnatic have opted to stick to Cherry switches, which will likely be good news to many regular mechanical keyboard users looking to pick up a new board. These are the standard switches though and not the ones with RGB lighting, as you will find on the likes of the Corsair K70, or the Logitech G810.

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The Gear Rush comes with two USB ports on the back. I have reviewed a lot of keyboards that have been missing this feature in recent months, so I am always happy to see it included.

The only main issue I had with this keyboard was with the software. While it is basic and functional, for some reason, it wouldn’t always recognize that the keyboard was plugged in. This seems to be an issue with the installer not always bothering with the keyboard drivers. This is easily fixed by going to the install directory and manually installing the drivers but still, this is something that I hope can be fixed in the future.

The Fnatic Gear RUSH keyboard is difficult to find right now but some stock is still available for around £120 – Amazon have it on sale as we publish only for £69.99 HERE. If you are after a mechanical keyboard with a high-quality build and Cherry MX switches, then I would have no problem recommending this as one for your shortlist.

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  • Well built.
  • Cherry MX Switches.
  • Simple design.


  • Soft-touch finish shows marks quite easily.
  • Software doesn’t always recognize when keyboard is plugged in.

 KitGuru Says: Fnatic’s gaming keyboards are designed to be exactly what you need to perform without any flashy extras. It is sturdy, reliable and doesn’t compromise on switches. It is easily worth recommending.

worth buying

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Rating: 8.0.

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