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The Xbox One wireless controller adapter for PC arrives next week

Back at the Game Developers Conference earlier this year, it was announced that those with Xbox One controllers would get the chance to use them with their PCs at some point this year. Now, that time has finally come, plenty of PC gamers like to use a controller from time to time, and the Xbox One controller offers some significant improvements over last generation's 360 gamepad.

Key improvements include, better triggers, a much more responsive D-pad and analogue sticks with better grip. Those who do own an Xbox One controller will be able to grab the wireless adapter from next week and finally untether from the micro-USB cable.


The exact release date is the 20th of October, with an initial price set at $24.99, which is quite high for an adapter but it's not like Microsoft hasn't pulled this sort of thing before. UK availability information should come soon. The main downside to this, is that it requires Windows 10, or at least that's what Microsoft wants you to think judging by the marketing and product page. 

The adapter itself comes in a USB-stick, rather than a moveable receiver, so that may be worth looking in to if you are worried about your range being limited. There is a sync button to actually hook up your controller and that's about it.

KitGuru Says: I like to use my Xbox One controller on the PC from time to time, so this adapter should make that a bit easier. I'm not a big fan of having a long micro-USB cable drooping all over my desk while I play. Do any of you use an Xbox One controller on the PC at the moment? Are you sticking with the 360 pad for now? 

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  1. Perfect timing for my birthday, since my girlfriend is getting me the Xbox One controller with the charging kit for the PC!

  2. I’ll be sticking with my 360 controller for now, until I at least know a little more about compatibility with my current library. Also I prefer the 360 wireless dongle thing because it uses a standard USB plug which then connects via a cable to the actual wireless hardware, for me that means less chance of damage and the unit can be hidden away inside my PC.

  3. perfect, just days before I’ll get my Steam controller 😉

  4. That’s a non-issue. Just use a usb extension and the xone receiver becomes the one with less chance of damage.

  5. That did occur to me but I thought I’d rambled on enough for one comment 🙂
    Do you know if the xbone pads are compatible with all the games that use a 360 controller ? or is it something that needs to be programmed into the game ?

  6. I don’t have it but I’ve read reviews and in theory it should be recognized as a standard 360 controller by any game. I think I heard about slight incompatibility sometimes (vibration did not work on one game).

  7. How does it communicate with the controller, bluetooth or wifi?. If so can it be used as a wifi or bluetooth adapter when not paired to the controller.

  8. The 360 controller is a propriety wireless radio and i’m pretty sure the xbone one is the same.

  9. That’s not bad then, I can certainly live without vibration in games. I’d probably buy one but I only just replaced the battery pack on my trusty 360 pad.

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  11. Well I can’t live without vibration. I’d probably get a 360 pad first (it would take a year to get the wireless xone bundle in my country anyway).

  12. Really ? I don’t even notice it unless its a cut scene & i’ve set my controller down on my desk, where it then vibrates itself off the desk !

  13. Rofl!
    Playing a shooter doesn’t feel the same without it. Yes, I play shooters on PC with a gamepad, call the police xP.

  14. I play a lot of games with a gamepad, nothing to call the police about man ! Honestly though I never notice the vibration during game play.

  15. I sometimes forget about it, but I miss it when I’m reminded it’s not there. I especially notice it during intense cutscenes. Or San Andreas’s weird vibration when you ride a motorcycle on the railroad (It vibrates every two seconds instead of continuously).