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Iiyama ProLite Touch T2736MSC 27in Professional Monitor Review

The Iiyama T2736MSC is a ProLite, so aimed at a business customer.

However, the chirpy blue box breaks from the black usually found with Iiyama's professionally-oriented ProLite range. Inside, you get power cables for the UK and EU, plus USB upstream and HDMI. And the monitor, obviously.

The screen is a serious black chunk. It's very solidly built, with a robust stand. If you peel off the label from the bottom-left of the panel, there is no logo or model identification on the front, just a large Iiyama branding on the rear.

Since the T2736MSC is meant to be prodded at with your finger on a regular basis, it needs to have a firmer relationship between screen and stand. As a result, the range of adjustment is much smaller than for most monitors. You can't swivel the panel on the stand, you can't raise or lower it, and you can't rotate the screen into portrait mode.

However, whilst you can only tilt the monitor three degrees forward, it tilts 73 degrees backwards, and stays in this position solidly. This means you can use the screen from a standing position as a large interface, like a really, really big touchpad or permanently installed tablet.

The T2736MSC is reasonably well supplied with connectivity. On the underside of the rear section, you get one each of DisplayPort, HDMI and legacy VGA, plus a minijack audio output for headphones or external amplification, although the screen has a pair of 2W speakers built in.

There is also an input port for upstream USB 3.0 connectivity and two downstream ports. Usefully, two more downstream USB 3.0 ports can be found on the left-hand side of the screen, so you don't need to scrabble around underneath to connect a USB Flash drive or external hard drive.

The menu is operated by a conventional set of four buttons down the right-hand side of the screen, plus a fifth for toggling the power. All four buttons call up quick menus, but also double for menu navigation, with the top two being the arrows and the third for escape, with the bottom selecting the option.

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