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Iiyama Red Eagle G-MASTER GB2560HSU 24.5in 144Hz Monitor Review

The Iiyama Red Eagle G-MASTER GB2560HSU doesn’t come in the most “bling” box we’ve seen. It’s more exciting than some we have been sent recently, but fits the Iiyama brand image of being more about substance than showing off.

Only an HDMI cable, upstream wire for the USB hub and kettle-style power lead are included in the box. The PSU is build directly into the monitor, rather than being an external unit.

The design of the GB2560HSU is black. Seriously black. Take off the marketing stickers, and the only non-black elements from the front are the Iiyama logo and button labels for the menu control system. The Iiyama logo is larger on the rear, and there’s a red “G-Master” label, but sadly no red eagles.

A full range of physical adjustments are available. You can raise the screen up and down by 130mm, and rotate it 45 degrees left or right. The tilt angle is up to five degrees forward or 22 degrees backward. You can also rotate the screen into portrait mode, which can come in handy when reading long documents onscreen.

The GB2560HSU isn’t the most port-packed monitor. The analog audio minijack output is on the right side next to the power connection. The HDMI and DisplayPort connections are on the left, with the two USB 2.0 ports and USB upstream connections furthermost left (when viewed from the front).

The onscreen menu is controlled with six buttons along the bottom right of the screen, which are clearly labelled on the front. No fiddly joystick nonsense or cryptic multi-function buttons round the rear – Iiyama goes old school, but many will prefer the clarity and obviousness of the system employed. Next, let’s find out which functions are on offer via these buttons.

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