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Multiplay i52 kicks off with gusto

Multiplay's bi-yearly gaming festival, the Insomnia iSeries, is in full swing at the moment and as usual, the opening ceremony was a cacophony of shouts, screams and freebies, as OCUK, Iiyama and 2K Games dispensed goodies to the eagerly stretching hands of those in attendance. The summer LAN is always …

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Iiyama vows to break 30″ ‘price control cartel’

The year is 2011. We know a lot about technology. One of the things we know, 100% for certain, is that all products get cheaper. Even Microsoft Windows bows to market forces and drops in price periodically. As technology becomes more affordable, we have a tendency to upgrade. Everywhere that …

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Monitor Buying Guide

The price of TFT screens has plummeted over the past 2 years. At the same time, the glass panels that are used to make monitors have been getting bigger and bigger. More screen real estate is always better.  These advances allow you have more applications open at once, play games …

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