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Philips 273E3QH 27″ Full HD E-line AMVA LED Monitor Review

SmartImage Lite is much more confined in comparison to its full-blooded sibling used on Philips’ Blade 2 monitor. Standard, Internet and Game presets are the lucky few to survive the chop.

We will discuss the SmartImage Lite settings in more depth later on in this review.

Inputs can be changed via a specific button located on the monitor or through the menu interface.

The Picture subsection allows you to configure and edit a wide variety of settings until your personal preference is attained.

Wide screen and 4:3 picture formats are supported by the 273E3QH. SmartResponse settings can also be altered via the Picture subsection.

A touch button is allocated for use with the volume control. The menu’s Audio section provides access to the mute setting and can also be used to configure the monitor for use with separate speakers.

Easy access is provided to settings such as the screen’s colour temperature. Only a pair of colour temperature settings is provided which puts an increased emphasis on a user-tailored colour configuration.

Yes, you guessed it. The monitor’s language is controlled in the ‘Language’ section.

The On Screen Display settings can be changed to avoid irritation.

General information such as the monitor’s serial number and model name is located in the ‘setup’ section.

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