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Philips Blade 2 Full HD 24″ AMVA LED Monitor Review

Users can effortlessly switch between SmartImage presets dependent upon their current usage scenario. Text, Office, Photo, Movie, Game and Economy modes can be selected, or, if preferred, you can completely disable the SmartImage mode. We will discuss the SmartImage settings in more depth later on in this review.

A specific touch button located on the monitor's control section allows you to easily select the desired input. The settings screen also provides input manipulation options.

A broad selection of picture settings can be edited to suit your own personal requirements. Wide screen and 4:3 picture formats are both supported.

The SmartResponse setting is also lucky enough to be allocated its very own touch button. Off, Fast, Faster and Fastest settings can be easily configured in the picture menu page.

Audio settings are given their own separate section on the menu interface. As the Blade 2 doesn't possess speakers, the settings will provide control to the HDMI audio output.

Settings such as the screen's colour temperature can be easily edited. Philips provides users with a large degree of flexibility, allowing them to accurately and efficiently unearth their preferred configuration.

No prizes for guessing what the language section controls.

Position, transparency and time out of the OSD, or On Screen Display, can be tailored to suit your needs.

Information about the monitor and its current input resolution is found on the ‘setup' page.

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