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Philips Blade 2 Full HD 24″ AMVA LED Monitor Review

Rating: 7.5.

Philips is back on the track towards re-establishing itself as one of the biggest players in the monitor game. With the initial trickle now turning into a torrent of interestingly-designed products, it’s the company’s Blade 2 monitor which has caught our eye. Can the AMVA panel help project Philips’ Blade 2 monitor to an awarding assessment?

Philips uses an AMVA, or Advanced Multi-domain Vertical Alignment, panel which the company claims is capable of “super-high static contrast ratios” which can provide “extra vivid and bright images”. Another key feature derived from the AMVA technology is the flexible viewing angles. Up to 178° of horizontal and vertical viewing flexibility is achievable, making this monitor perfect for use in a wide-variety of scenarios.

A W-LED backlight system, 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 1920 x 1080 resolution, combined with many of Philips’ picture-enhancement technologies, make for a mouth-watering specifications sheet.

As we all know, a high-quality panel and appetizing specs sheet don’t make a monitor. Can the performance of Philips’ 24″ Blade 2 back-up the company’s buoyant claims?


  • AMVA LED for wide-view super-high contrast, vivid images.
  • SmartImage: Optimised user-friendly display experience.
  • SmartKolor for rich vibrant images.
  • SmartTxt for an optimised reading experience.
  • SmartContrast 20,000,000:1 for incredible rich black details.
  • HDMI-ready for Full HD entertainment.

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  • Darth Digglers

    Excellent, it looks to be decent value for money, especially at the price. I think there are Dell panels at this price that might edge it, but the appearance is certainly a strong selling point.

  • Manucuna

    Thanks, I found another review of this and it was almost like a Press release, so this is helpful.

    I almost bought this last week going on appearance and im still tempted, but I might save another £100 in the coming months before christmas to aim a little higher.

  • Dennis

    No DVI or displayport? just hdmi? wow……..

  • Robert D

    With a focus on the HDMI port, it almost seems that philips are pushing it as a monitor cum television. But with no speakers its unusual.

    If it dropped to £170 I might be tempted.