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Nvidia announces G-Sync

Nvidia has just announced it's new PC monitor technology ‘G-Sync' at it's press conference in Montreal. The announcement started off with an explanation on how monitor refresh rates work, in a standard monitor you have to turn on V-sync to stop screen tearing but then you get stuck with lag or stutter instead. For gamers this meant you had to pick the lesser of two evils, there was never a perfect system that eliminated both lag and stutter, until now.

Nvidia's G-sync changes the way monitors work by allowing it to run at a variable refresh rate that is in sync with the amount of frames per second the GPU is pumping out. This method gets around screen tearing and the problems that come with enabling V-sync.


Nvidia has partnered with Asus, BenQ, Philips and ViewSonic to make the first G-Sync enabled monitors, the first one to hit the market will be a variation of the popular Asus 144Hz monitor. 3D vision monitors will require extra hardware and some tweaking to get working.

G-Sync is exclusive to Kepler based GPU's so anything GTX 660 and up is good to go. If you were hoping to watch this in action on Youtube then your out of luck as capturing the effect through a camera doesn't work very well, you will have to test out one of these monitors in person to really see the difference it makes.

Screen tearing like this is going to be a thing of the past.

We don't have an exact release date yet but we do know the Asus monitor will cost $399, we will likely see more of these monitors soon from other manufacturers.

KitGuru Says: This new technology is great news for Nvidia owners, screen tear and lag will be a thing of the past and thanks to the variable refresh rate,  frame drops won't affect how smooth the gameplay is. What do you guys think of this announcement from Nvidia? 

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks it’s a douchebag move to make this nvidia exclusive when amd is making mantle open for everyone (before anyone says “waa waa mantle is only for GCN!”, no, it’s not. Amd is making a version that will work on any GPU)

  2. Yes, you most likely are. Nvid does what it does for business reasons. AMD does what it does for the same reasons. AMDs GOAL is for people to see them as “the good guy.” they arent making mantle cross-platform out of the good of their heart

  3. It’s a feature, so of course Nvidia is going to lock it to their cards; gives them another thing to advertise = better profits. Mantle is an API, so of course their going to leave it open. If they didn’t, over certain develop would use it as it would be too time consuming to write code for two API, so they would just use the common denominator, DirectX. It’s the equivalent of saying that AMD’s gay for locking Eyefinity to only their cards. It’s not gay, it’s business.

  4. AMD is making mantle only available to the game developers but that doesn’t mean they will share it with nvidia and it doesn’t need to be open as it is only communication to unlock all abilities of their cards. Same reason CUDA and PhysX were not open.