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ViewSonic launches new VP2785-2K monitor

ViewSonic’s most recent addition to the VP series is the VP2785-2K monitor. According to the company, this display is aimed at creative professionals who need colour accuracy for their work. The ViewSonic VP2785-2K is a 27-inch monitor, with an IPS panel carrying a 2560×1440 resolution with a 60Hz refresh-rate. The …

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AMD to release FreeSync compatible drivers in mid-March

After over a year of development, preparations, testing and other work, AMD’s FreeSync technology will officially be enabled in AMD’s drivers later this month. At present graphics cards, APUs and displays supporting FreeSync technology are already available in select regions, which means that it is about time for AMD to …

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The ViewSonic V55 smartphone may launch with an Iris scanner

The ViewSonic V55 smartphone is currently penciled in for an early 2015 release and could very well be the first consumer smartphone in the world to launch with iris scanning technology implemented. Bio-metrics began sneaking on to smartphones and other devices last year with fingerprint scanners but now it looks …

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Nvidia announces G-Sync

Nvidia has just announced it’s new PC monitor technology ‘G-Sync’ at it’s press conference in Montreal. The announcement started off with an explanation on how monitor refresh rates work, in a standard monitor you have to turn on V-sync to stop screen tearing but then you get stuck with lag …

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4k screens are £1,000 an inch, but not for long

We work with some of the world’s leading technology companies, especially when it comes to graphics cards. During a recent video shoot with one of the biggest, we were discussing that wonderful thing called ‘the future’ and the discussion moved to image quality, preparedness and the cost of glass. The …

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Viewsonic to showcase 4 inch phone/tablet hybrid at CES

CES always brings new products on display from all the leading manufacturers. The latest news in suggests that Viewsonic will be highlighting a new phone/tablet hybrid, much like the Dell Streak. The Viewsonic smartphone will have a four inch screen and is capable of making phone calls across the Google …

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