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Two 4K/144Hz monitors coming Q2 2017, first will cost $2000

CES was full of surprises this year and while we didn’t end up getting a GTX 1080Ti announcement, we did get to see the first two 4K/144Hz gaming monitors hitting the market in 2017. During the first half of the year, not only will Asus be coming out with the ROG Swift PG27UQ, but Acer will be following it up with a Predator XB272-HDR, both monitors will support the new G-Sync HDR module while offering the highest refresh rate 4K display so far.


The Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ makes use of a Quantum Dot panel, so you can expect high colour accuracy. However, thanks to the addition of HDR, the colour gamut will actually be 25% wider than a lot of other monitors currently on the market, most of which use the sRGB colour format. This monitor in particular uses the DCI-P3 colour gamut for smooth gradients and high accuracy. This particular monitor will set you back by quite a bit though.

There has been some conflicting reports surrounding the cost of this monitor with some claiming $2000 and others claiming $1199. From what I have been told by our contacts, $2000 is the correct ballpark for this monitor, so we can estimate that this will work out around £1800/£1900 here in the UK. That is an estimate though, things could change in the months leading up to this hitting the market.


The Acer Predator XB272-HDR will also use a Quantum Dot panel and sport HDR, alongside Nvidia’s new G-Sync HDR technology. On paper, based on the specifications we know so far, Acer’s monitor is more or less identical to the Asus model, which indicates that this is the new standard Nvidia is aiming for with future G-Sync HDR monitors.

We don’t have exact release dates for either of these monitors just yet, nor do we have a price point for Acer’s model but we would expect it to be in a similar ball park to the $2000 Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ.

KitGuru Says: Both of these monitors sound incredible on paper but that price point does sting a bit. It could be a while before we see high refresh rate Ultra-HD displays drop below the £1000 mark. How much would you guys be willing to spend on a 4K/144Hz monitor?

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