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AOC I2781FH General-purpose 27-inch IPS display


The most notable aspect of the AOC I2781FH packaging is that it comes with the stand already affixed to the display. Simply slide out of the polystyrene as a single unit, place it on a desk and it's ready to go. Just plug it in and you're all set.


You get an external power supply, HDMI cable, VGA cable, software CD and UK power lead.


The power supply uses a two pin cable.


With no further physical setup required, you can just place the AOC I2781FH on your desk, and it looks pretty good, with the metal ‘L-shaped’ stand visible here.


There’s an AOC logo in the bottom left.


In this shot of the rear, you can see the contrast between the metal stand and glossy black plastic used for the casing.


The bezel is just a few millimetres wide, but as with most displays, there’s an additional black border before the image begins, a pseudo-bezel, maybe.

aoc_stand aoc_stand2

The stand uses smooth curves and is shaped into a sturdy rectangle at the bottom to handle the weight of the display, not that it’s particularly heavy.

aoc_tilt1 aoc_tilt2

As the stand is pre-fixed to the display, it’s not terribly flexible. It cannot rotate on the spot, be raised and lowered, or pivot round into portrait mode.

It does tilt backwards and forwards though between -20 and 3 degrees.

aoc_ports aoc_ports2

At the back you can see a pair of HDMI ports and a VGA input. There’s also the power connector, and a headphone output to the right, with a Kensington Lock connector to the far left.


The on-screen display (OSD) is controlled with physical buttons located behind the labels on the front of the bezel, which have a power LED to the right. You have to reach underneath the display to access them.

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