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Dell Ultrasharp U2410 Monitor review (A00)

Last updated on June 24th, 2010 at 12:56 pm

The Dell U2410 is a very attractive screen, they have opted for an almost industrial, understated appearance which appeals to me. Notice the rather cool slide out information panel which details the serial number and revision of the specific panel (A00 in this case).

On the right (left in the image above) there is a card reader area with several USB ports being offered for connectivity.

The panel is finished in a matte black with a gray highlight running around through the middle section of the chassis. It is 1.75 inches deep although if you factor in the back of the display which houses the backlight and connectivity features as well as the ventilation area this adds around 1.5 inches to the depth for a total of 3.25 inches.

The panel measures around 22 inches in length which makes it almost identical to the ever popular Dell UltraSharp 2408WFP. The screen has a dull frosted finish which means it is easily viewable in almost all conditions, even with a strong light behind the user.

The screen stand is hefty in both weight and size and measures just over 12 inches by around 8 inches deep. This means that there is no wobbling at all even if you push the screen reasonably hard – verifying my earlier comment about an ‘industrial’ feel of strength.

There is both a height and tilt variation to suit many user preferences and we measured around 1.25 inches at its lowest setting to just over 5 inches at its maximum setting.

The screen can be easily disconnected from the stand by a simple button system which I loved and you can rotate it around 25 degrees on its axis forwards or backwards. The panel can be mounted on a wall VESA style and you can pivot it 90 degrees to the left for portrait mode – this makes webpage and forum viewing exceptionally appealing.

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