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Dell Ultrasharp U2410 Monitor review (A00)

The Dell IPS based Ultrasharp U2410 is a fantastic panel which offers high resolution 16:10 1920×1200 display with top drawer industrial style build quality. It combines superb ergonomics with a plethora of connectivity and offers a viable solution for not only a discerning enthusiast, but for a designer within the professional industry.

Our A00 revision has fixed static dithering issues in a few of the preset modes so be careful when buying that you get the newest revision currently available.

The cost may mean this is out of reach for many people but the quality of the colour rendition across the gamut, as well as astounding reproduction for images (both static and moving) mean this will find its way into the shortlist of many people who have saved and want to trade up.

It is probably the finest quality display for the money right now (around £450) and with such a diverse range of capabilities, from full colour design work in Photoshop … to gaming … to HD movies, it might actually be the most formidable panel on the market under £500. Dont despair, if you are working to a tight budget then we still say the SP2309W is one of the best value for money screens on the market.

KitGuru says: Accurate colour reproduction is only one of the many strong points this panel brings to the table.

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Rating: 8.5.

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