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Dell Ultrasharp U2410 Monitor review (A00)

On the back of the panel you find fantastic support for almost every connection you could ever need. Composite and component inputs, VGA in, DVI, DisplayPort and HDMI.

Dell have removed S-Video from this panel however I would assume the demand for this would be drastically lower than a few years ago, so it makes sense. The observant among you will see that the Card reader no longer supports Compactflash – it does support XD Picture cards, SD Cards, MMC Cards and Sony memory sticks. This should cover the bases for almost everyone, although a few people in our offices complained that only one HDMI port does slightly limit connectivity for multiple devices.

The onscreen display is quite similar to the lower end SP2309W however it works slightly differently – both systems feature a motion (proximity) sensitive system that lights up even when your finger isn't touching the panel. That said, the 2410 needs a slightly firmer push to activate – it appears to be slightly less sensitive. I am a big believer in Dell's menu systems being some of the best on the market and the system on the U2410 just strengths my belief. The only small niggling issue I would have is that sometimes when pressing the lower of the four buttons, your finger can stray into accidentally turning the screen off – the power button is directly underneath. At least Dell had the common sense to require a stronger push with this particular button, but people with big fingers will at some time fall foul of the “sh*t, I hit the power off” syndrome.

As seen in the image above, the blue dots on the right bezel can be triggered into selecting the corresponding panel sections within the semi transparent onscreen menu system.

The preset options are Standard, Mulimedia, Game, Warm, Cool, Adobe RGB, sRGB and Custom.

Unlike the less expensive monitors, we found that setting either brightness or contrast in the 90-100% zone was very uncomfortable, you only need mid range settings for a comfortable viewing experience. Viewing this panel with high settings for long periods of time could actually cause eye strain.

There are also options to adjust sharpness, hue, and colour saturation as well as additional ‘interface' options, such as disabling sound and increasing or reducing the length of time the on screen display remains.

Additionally, even though the Dell U2410 is a 16:10 1920×1200 resolution panel it also offers a 16:9 1920×1080 mode for watching 1080p movies.

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