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Iiyama ProLite E2472HDD Review – LED for the masses

The front panel gives access to the onscreen displays and we found that this was one of the better touch sensitive panels we have used. Our memories of the Asus MS236H touch panel system were not favourable, but the Prolite implementation is a lesson on how it should be handled. Only slight pressure is needed and it works every time. The only thing I would like to see would be an active white backlight on the buttons which would dim when not used.

iiyama’s onscreen menu system is clear, fast acting and responsive and offers most functionality needed to fine tune the display to your own personal preferences.

iiyama have kept the control system simple, yet effective. Everything is accessed by directional buttons and ‘enter’ which forces the selection down a level. Exit moves back up a level and as a secondary function offers quick access to the monitor’s Opticolor presets. The left button doubles as an ECO mode switch and the right can be used as a brightness control shortcut.

The OSD will certainly not win any awards for the level of control but I found it very functional and the ‘out of the box’ settings were actually very good, with only slight adjustments needed over DVI with a Radeon HD5670 graphics card. The sharpness mode will be the most used however as I found it actually surprisingly good with ‘softer’ onboard graphics output solutions.

The panel ships with five available presets. Game, Movie, Office, Standard and Scenery. I never find these ‘enhanced’ modes to be anything close to useful however the illyama settings are quite decent, if a little bright and saturated. The office setting would be useful to an inexperienced user as it can help with text if your eyes are little weaker. Standard mode is the one to be using however with adjustments made to that setting giving the best end result.

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