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Patriot Viper V570 and V570 Blackout Edition Mouse Review

The Viper V570 ships in Patriot’s signature red and black theme, clearly displaying the product in the upper centre, while the product name and Viper logo sit around it. The front cover opens like a book, showcasing the physical mouse inside, alongside an index of information about the device. The only difference for the Blackout Edition is that the packaging comes in a sleek jet black box instead.

Inside we find a product leaflet, two stickers sporting the Viper snake head logo and 7 adjustable weights, coming in at 4.9 grams each. Up to 6 of these will fit in the Viper V570 at any one time, however, increasing the weight of the mice from 152.9 grams to a maximum of 182.3 grams.

One of the V570’s main features is its plethora of macro buttons. While the five buttons on the left side of the mouse act as a blank canvas, the two attached to the left click are assigned to the standard ‘back’ and ‘forward’ mouse 4 & 5 buttons. The two below the scroll wheel function as a profile and DPI switch.

The red accents prominent on the macro buttons do give the V570 a more gamer-looking style, but might clash with the user’s system. Of course, the Blackout Edition swaps these accents out for an all-black design, making it fit almost any colour scheme.

More on these features later.

While the right hand side of the mouse offers a slight contour to rest the pinky finger, it’s the left hand side of the mouse that’s interesting. Here we see a heavy groove, built for the thumb to rest while emphasising on the macro buttons.

The lower, larger switch by default acts as a “sniper button,” which is a temporary DPI shift that returns to normal on release. This can be customised within the settings.

Both V570s feature 7 RGB lighting zones that can all act independent of one another. One can be seen on the scroll wheel, within the Viper logo where the palm rests, at the front of the mouse either side of the wire and four across the base of the thumb rest to the left hand side.

Flipping the mouse over, the design is slightly plain, showcasing the product information and its Avago ADNS 9800 laser sensor. One of the most unique aspects of this mouse is the five ceramic foot pads, a feature that has only been seen on a handful of mice in the past.

Both mice have braided cables and gold plating on the USB connection with the only variation, once again, being colour scheme. The standard V570 sports a subtle red and black pattern, while the Blackout Edition lives up to its name with its flat black design.

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