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Patriot Viper V570 and V570 Blackout Edition Mouse Review

Taking everything into account, Patriot has an outstanding flagship mouse on its hands with the V570 and the, personally more stylish, V570 Blackout Edition.

It’s RGB is among the most dynamic I’ve seen, with perfect positioning of its lighting zones to its vivid colours. This is easily customisable in the software, however the Patriot Viper Mouse software could do with some tweaking to prevent having to go in and out of menus on such a regular basis.

It takes some time to adjust, but the ceramic foot pads certainly help the mouse stand out from the crowd, all while cradling your hand with its grooved design.

I personally found both mice impressively comfortable with an abundance of functions that can tailor to individual needs.

The Viper V570 implements features that you wouldn’t necessarily see at its price range, with its primary drawbacks surrounding its macro buttons, which can feel a little on the cheap side. Being relatively similar to its predecessor, the Blackout Edition houses the same cons, but also the same pros, with its palette swap also enabling the mouse to blend in better with almost any system colour.

Usually the V570 Blackout Edition ships with a $10 premium added to its price, as shown in the Patriot Store, costing $69.99 over the standard V570 with red accents costing $59.99. UK shoppers are in luck, as both the Standard V570 and V570 Blackout Edition cost £49.99 each from Novatech.


  • Ceramic foot pads.
  • Vibrant RGB lighting.
  • Many programmable buttons.
  • Multiple profiles.
  • Fits any colour scheme (Blackout Edition Only).


  • Plastic feel to the buttons.
  • Software can be fiddly.
  • Some buttons can be awkward to reach.
  • May clash with some colour schemes (Standard V570 only).

KitGuru Says: While Patriot is relatively new to the peripheral scene, its V570 and V570 mice boast incredible value for money, offering features that would have otherwise been locked to a more expensive price range.

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Rating: 8.0.

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