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Corsair Vengeance M60 FPS Gaming Mouse Review

It’s clear that the Vengeance M60 is quite closely related to the M90 mouse as there are a number of aesthetic similarities. It features a similar brushed aluminium chassis which sits underneath the plastic body. The body of the mouse is made up of three different sections with sculpted ergonomic sections on either side to improve grip and a curved section on top where your hand rests.

Build quality is impressive and the materials that Corsair have used in the construction of the mouse feel high quality. The mouse is finished in a rubberised paint which feels great in the hand and improves your grip on the mouse. While the aluminium chassis of the mouse offers a reassuring weight, this can be counter-productive in game sometimes as it restricts agility a little.

Corsair have included a weight tuning system with the mouse which consists of three weights which can be removed from the base of the mouse. We found this to make little noticeable difference to the weight of the mouse, though, and it was still too heavy for my tastes. But, for those who like a heavy mouse the M60 is perfect.

Rather than include a large array of macro buttons like they did with the MMO-optimised M90, Corsair have only added one button to the left hand side of the mouse. This is the ‘sniper mode’ button which instantly drops the sensitivity down to a low level to facilitate precise aiming. This is ideally located for easy access and it doesn’t restrict access to the browser forward and back buttons either.

In our opinion, the mouse-wheel on the Vengeance M60 is far superior to that on the M90. It has a much more precise action and cannot be activated as easily. This will let you select weapons with more accuracy in game. The left and right mouse buttons have a responsive action and require exactly the right amount of pressure to activate.

Corsair have chosen to use a braided shielding for the mouse cable which is sure to improve durability. It also features a strap which will help keep the cable tidy when traveling to LAN events. The cable terminates in a single USB connector.

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