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Corsair Vengeance M60 FPS Gaming Mouse Review

Rather than include a software CD with the mouse itself, Corsair direct us to their website to download the included software utility. This may sound like unnecessary hassle but it helps to ensure that you have the latest version of the software installed when you first get the mouse.

The main page of the software deals with button assignments. It lets you configure the eight mouse buttons to a number of different functions as well as custom macros. We are also able to turn off the LED lighting on this page.

Clicking the ‘Manage Performance’ tab at the top of the page brings up a whole host of different configuration options for the mouse. We are able to configure three different DPI levels which are adjustable on the fly using the two buttons behind the mouse-wheel in addition to the ‘Sniper Mode’ DPI level. We are able to set the X and Y DPI levels independently to any level between 100 and 5700 DPI using increments of 100 DPI. There is also a rather interesting feature which tests the surface quality that the mouse is being used on.

The third and final tab lets us set up different configuration profiles which can be activated when certain applications or games launch.

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