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Razer Mamba 2015 RGB Wireless (16,000dpi) Review

The Razer Mamba 2015 RGB is a sublime gaming mouse. Although laser sensors are often not a gamers first choice, this mouse is likely to win more than a handful of them over as it is pin accurate, super sensitive and silky smooth. Only a very small percentage of potential gamers are ever likely to use DPI settings close to 16,000, but it is certainly a talking point. Rest assured, if you don’t need 16,000 DPI you are not forced to use it.

The build quality is stellar, with a tight frame that does not creak under pressure and the ergonomics and materials used in construction make it comfortable to use over long periods. Perspiration build-up is mitigated by the thumb side grips, though the palm rest never feels like it gets too slick under pressure. We are also fans of the ability to activate the left/right-click buttons as far back as we could, since that easily caters to various hand sizes and grip types.

Buttons on the side and in the centre are easy to reach, and the added functionality of the scroll wheel left/right jog buttons is a welcome addition as well.

Aesthetically the Razer Mamba 2015 looks fantastic. The surprisingly deep lighting options and even the ability to sync up with other Chroma products make for quite the light show. We love the ability to fine tune and adjust the left/right-click strengths as well.


The Razer software is expansive and caters to a wide gaming audience. It is intuitive to use, nicely laid out and one of the strongest suites we have seen this year.

On a negative note the battery life could be considered a little disappointing. Although easily mitigated by remembering to put the mouse on its charge dock at the end of every day, we would like to see a life span a little greater than 20 hours. You can turn down the lighting to help improve the longevity of the battery – although this does negate one of the key selling points of the product in the first place.

The price must also be mentioned. At £130, the Razer Mamba is £50 more expensive than the wired Razer Tournament Edition. Of course those who love wireless gaming will be willing to pay the extra, but there is no doubt that it is expensive.

When you consider the overall package, Razer has without doubt created one of the world’s finest gaming mice. If you have the funds available and want to get rid of the cables then the Razer Mamba 2015 RGB deserves some very serious consideration.
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The Razer Mamba 2015 RGB wireless mouse can be found at Overclockers for £130.

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  • Excellent build quality.
  • Fantastic gaming mouse, laser sensor is impressive.
  • Wireless means no cable drag.
  • Lighting, build quality and back-end software are all top-notch.
  • Comfortable over long periods, good grip.
  • Links up with other Razer Chroma products.
  • Adjustable click-sensitivity is an interesting feature.


  • Do we really need 16,000 DPI?
  • Battery of 20 hours at best.
  • One of the most expensive mice on the market.

KitGuru Says: The Razer Mamba is the best wireless gaming mouse that money can buy.

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Rating: 8.5.

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