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Leetgion Hellion Gaming Mouse Review

Accompanied by the rear’s rounded shape, the Hellion’s thick and angular front design shows slight resemblances to the appearance of a hammerhead shark. Graphite in colour, Leetgion hasn’t created the most elegant of mice in the Hellion. Users that demand the market’s most attractive design are likely to bypass this product, based on its colour and shape.

More apparent from eye-level, the curved design promotes a full-clench hold as opposed to the equally popular ‘claw’ grip. LEDs positioned in both the Leetgion and Hellion words, as well as the rear strip located on the lower backside, are able to produce 16.7 million user-definable colours.

Perhaps the Hellion’s most unique feature, the ‘Attack’ key is perfectly positioned to be regularly tapped by a right-handed user’s thumb. The Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switch beneath ensures that long-term durability and instantaneous feedback are achieved. The right side is identical to the left, with the exception of the ‘Attack’ key, making it a perfect location to rest your unused ring and little fingers.

A bird’s-eye view of the Hellion re-iterates the fact that all 6 of the mouse buttons are conveniently positioned for quick and simple use.

Leetgion uses a high-quality braided cord that feeds into a gold-plated USB connector. Thanks to its aesthetically pleasing design, the black cable won’t ruin the appearance of a gamer’s clean and modern desk.

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