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Leetgion Hellion Gaming Mouse Review

Leetgion‘s first venture into the peripherals market has been a successful one. Throughout testing, we were impressed with the Hellion‘s performance, comfort and ease-of-use.

Built primarily to combat the tasks posed by RTS games, the Leetgion Hellion excels in a variety of gaming environments. Pre-defined and customisable button configurations, a convenient layout and the dedicated ‘Attack’ key give users the flexibility to operate a game in the manner that they desire.

General usage was equally enjoyable thanks to the Hellion’s comfortable design and efficient tracking speed. Serving its purpose as the ‘My Computer’ short-cut button, the ‘Attack’ key helped improved productivity, ever so slightly.

Positioning and a 2-3mm elevation of the ‘forward’ and ‘backward’ buttons were excellent design decisions, as proven by the fact that unintentional presses were phased out almost immediately. One’s index and middle ‘click’ fingers were directed into a natural channel, rather than hovering above the ‘backward’ and ‘forward’ selections.

The Avago 9500 sensor assisted the Hellion in achieving accurate and desirable tracking via the multiple DPI settings. Unfortunately, switching between the DPI modes was far less simple than it should have been. For some reason, Leetgion decided to position the DPI increase and decrease buttons on the bottom-rear edge of the mouse, making them face the surface which was around 7mm below. This is less than ideal due to the fact that users are now forced to physically lift the mouse off the surface to adjust the DPI setting.

It may not seem like much of an issue in general usage or time-insignificant scenarios, but try switching the DPI during the intensity of a real-time battle or when finalising that long-distance head-shot, and the issue soon becomes apparent.

There is a work-around that involves configuring the ‘forward’ and ‘backward’ buttons for the role of DPI adjustment. This is a feasible option for a gaming session, but then forces you to continually switch between game and general usage button profiles.

At £49.99 from Overclockers, the Hellion is priced at the upper edge of what we consider to be competitive. You won’t be disappointed by your £49.99 investment, but, due to the mouse market’s density, the asking price does make the initial purchase decision more difficult.


  • Very comfortable.
  • Easy and enjoyable to use.
  • Enthusiast grade Omron micro switches.
  • Unique and innovative design.
  • 5 multi-coloured LEDs including a customisable strip.
  • Pre-defined operating configurations.


  • Poorly positioned DPI adjustment buttons.
  • £49.99 price tag gives it tough competition.

KitGuru says: Combining a number of good design choices with enthusiast-grade components, the Leetgion Hellion is an impressive product worthy of our KitGuru approval, even if it does encounter stiff resistance from similarly-priced competitors.

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Rating: 8.0.

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