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Cooler Master ‘MasterMouse Pro L’ Review

Cooler Master Front Box Cooler Master Back Box

The MasterMouse ships in a standard sized box. On the front you will find an image of the mouse itself, while on the back you will find a short description of features in multiple languages.

Cooler Master Mouse 1 Cooler Master Spare Shell

Inside you get the mouse itself, along with some replaceable side grips and an extended top body cover. One set caters to palm-grip use, while the other is aimed at claw-grip. This is something we do not see very often with gaming mice so it is an interesting inclusion. It is nice to see Cooler Master offering buyers additional options for how they use the mouse.

What is really cool though, is that Cooler Master is putting the designs out there to allow people to 3D print their own grips and covers. Someone with experience could probably make some adjustments of their own too.

Cooler Master Left Buttons Cooler Master Side View

As you can see, this is a true ambidextrous mouse, with buttons on both sides to support left and right handed users, which is always an appreciated inclusion. The plastic on the mouse is smooth but does not feel like it would slip out of the hand easily. The plastic used here is not glossy either, so it shouldn’t attract marks as quickly.

Cooler Master Front View Cooler Master Sensor

At the front of the mouse we can see the scroll wheel, which is not accompanied by any additional buttons for DPI switching. We can also see the braided cable, which can be raised up off the desk to help counter any cable drag. Underneath the mouse you can see the sensor itself, along with a DPI button- this is a fairly odd place to put a DPI toggle and given its inaccessibility during regular use, I do wonder why it exists in the first place.

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