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Sony may finally be making a black DualSense controller

When the PS5 was first revealed, one of the most controversial aspects to the console was its colour scheme, which adopted a black and white two-tone look. The DualSense controller shared a similar colour scheme. Some fans liked the look, while others did not. For the latter group, it would seem as though Sony will finally be making alternate colour options for the controller.

According to the Spanish website AreaJugones, and as reported by Eurogamer, Sony will be launching two new DualSense controller colours “very soon” – a red and a grey one. How exactly these controllers will look both in terms of shading and whether they will keep the two-toned look is currently unknown, however alternate colour options is something which fans have been eagerly anticipating.

(Image Source: Colorware)

As mentioned, the black and white two-toned look of both the PS5 and its accessories have proven to be somewhat divisive. With the side plates on the PS5 being swappable, trading that two-tone look for something different is relatively simple.

Until now however, changing the colour of the DualSense required the controller to be fully disassembled, painted and then put back together. As such, if this leak proves to be true, then PS5 owners who are not fans of the black and white look should soon be happy.

KitGuru says: What do you think of the PS5’s colour scheme? What colours do you want to see offered? Does the colour matter to you? Let us know down below.

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