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BenQ TreVolo Bluetooth speaker review

TreVolo Front Box TreVolo Back Box

As you can see from the box, the BenQ TreVolo is a pretty small speaker and should easily fit in to a backpack for carrying around. It is even battery-powered, adding an extra layer of portability as you can take it out with you.

TreVolo Front View

Upon taking the speaker out of the box, it is immediately clear that it is built out of solid materials. There is quite a bit of weight to it and stylish use of aluminium.

TreVolo Buttons

There are five buttons on the front of the speaker in total, a power button, play/pause, mode select along with volume up and down. BenQ has chosen to add a gold ring around each of the buttons for added bling.

TreVolo Back View

On the back we can see the Bluetooth activation along with the devices main connection ports. There are quite a few options for connecting up other devices, including micro-USB, line in and line out. There is also a power connection for charging the speaker.

TreVolo Full View

Here you can see that the actual speakers on the TreVolo fold outwards for regular listening use. Overall, first impressions are positive, BenQ has clearly spared no expense as far as build quality goes, delivering what looks and feels like a solid product.

Now lets find out how it sounds…

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