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BenQ TreVolo Bluetooth speaker review

I’ve had the BenQ TreVolo speaker with me for around two weeks, in that time I have put it through its paces by evaluating sound quality in podcasts and different genres of music along with Bluetooth wireless performance.

It has already been established that the TreVolo sports some very impressive specifications and the build quality is solid. However, those two things don’t necessarily guarantee a decent listening experience. Fortunately, I am happy to say that the BenQ TreVolo takes Bluetooth speakers to a whole new level.

BenQ has chosen to abandon the traditional speaker cone that we are used to seeing in favour of electrostatic speakers – which deliver great sound reproduction in a thin design. While these speakers are great for acoustic songs, they do lack the beefier bass response you could find in a traditional pair of speakers.

This does mean that while things like podcasts and acoustic tracks sound incredibly clear, above and beyond other Bluetooth speakers I have tested at KitGuru, the TreVolo does lack the bass response required for heavier rock tracks. That said, the mid range comes through beautifully, which is great for guitar driven songs.

Obviously listening to low bit-rate tracks though a speaker like this is going to do it an injustice, the higher the bit-rate the better. Those who want the very best experience could pair the speaker up with a computer and make use of an uncompressed file format.

That said, if you are buying a Bluetooth speaker system, you are likely planning to hook up your smartphone or tablet and run Spotify through it. BenQ does have a smartphone app available called BenQ Music, which will allow you to select between three equalizer settings and see how much battery life the TreVolo has left.

Unfortunately, the smartphone app does not have any play/pause or volume control functionality, which wouldn’t be so bad if the speaker came with its own remote but it does not – this is a bit of a shame. However, I did not find this to be that big of a deal while playing music via Bluetooth as you can use the music player app on your phone to control everything anyway.

The TreVolo does have its own battery inside, adding an extra layer of portability to the device. During my testing, I found that the speaker could deliver around 14 hours of music playback before needing to recharge, though charging can take a couple of hours.

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