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Richard Carriere SVP of CyberLink speaks exclusively to KitGuru

There has been plenty of discussion online about the death of Windows Media Player – how does CyberLink see the situation?

“While not a complete surprise, Microsoft’s decision to phase out Window’s Media Center is good news to us and for end-users”, Richard claimed. “Enhancements to Window’s Media Center have been minimal in recent years, making it less and less aligned with fast changing media consumption habits. With the launch of Windows 8 in 2012, Microsoft made the decision to exclude it from the most popular versions of its OS, driving all the top PC manufacturers to pre-bundle CyberLink’s PowerDVD, and ensure consumers find a good media playback solution on their computer”.

Browsers like Chrome seem happy with media, is there still a place for a standalone player in today’s integrated market?

“More than ever!”, he exclaimed. “We recently commissioned YouGov to conduct a survey on changing media consumption habits. Our research indicates that demand for high-performing solutions is actually expanding. Media playback is exploding way beyond traditional network programming watched on the TV screen or even streamed content from a browser. It is escaping the home and following the consumer trend of fragmentation and mobility, with people watching their favourite television shows and movies on-the-go and across multiple devices”.

So where does Richard see the CyberLink usage model, going forward?

“Our research revealed that 60% of households today are using at least five devices that break away from traditional TV watching—no longer limiting themselves to the living room and self-built entertainment systems”, he told us. “The research indicates that good media playback software has become one of the most valued components to enjoying media at home and on the road. A tool like PowerDVD allows users to fully benefit from the highest possible quality playback to any device intheir home media system and creates an amazing immersive experience on a laptop while on the road. From CyberLink's standpoint, media playback is alive and well”.


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