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Bioware is working on a secret project with an Indie studio

Indie studio, Failbetter Games, has revealed that it has been secretly working with Bioware “on and off” over the last year on an unannounced project. The Indie Developer is best known for its browser based game, Fallen London, an adventure game set in an alternative version of Victorian London.

In Failbetter’s blog post, the company mentioned just how hard it has been to stay silent on this new project:

“Keeping secrets doesn’t come naturally to us. We are excitable: we love our work: we love talking about our work.” The studio goes on to say that it doesn’t usually take client work but a chance to work on a game with Bioware was just too good to pass up: “For the last year, on and off, we’ve been working in absolute secrecy on a project for a much larger company. When we’ve gone quiet for no obvious reason, it’s because we’ve been heads-down on this. When I’ve mentioned that we don’t take client work any more, with rare exceptions, this is the rare exception.”

“We’ve finally been allowed to lift one corner of the veil. I can’t tell you anything at all about the project – not for a little while yet – except to say that it’s a Failbettery one, down to its bones. But I can tell you the name of the company: Bioware.”


Unfortunately that is where the details end, Failbetter couldn’t say anything else and the famed Mass Effect developer isn’t talking either.

KitGuru Says: I do like Bioware so hearing that the studio is working on a secret project has peaked my interest and curiosity. Now we’ll have to play the waiting game, do you guys have any guesses as to what these two developers could be collaborating on?

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