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League of Legends to get swift ban system for abusive chat

MOBA titles are often infamous for their toxic communities, with plenty of abuse often being hurled in every direction in chat. Since things have gotten so bad, Riot has come up with a new way to police the in-game chat for League of Legends, with a new swift ban system for abusive text.

This new system is being tested in the EU currently. The idea is that this new system will work near instantly and fully replace the old system. Upon receiving player feedback, someone could instantly banned, although time periods will vary from as little as 15 minutes all of the way up to a permanent removal from the game.


In an update on the League of Legends website, Riot gave some bullet points on how the system will work:

  • Teammates or opponents of the offending player send reports and the system validates them to make sure they aren’t false.
  • The system examines the case and determines whether the behaviour deserves rejection or punishment based on community-driven standards of behaviour.
  • The system fires a reform card through email, sharing the chat log of the offending player (we scrub other players’ names and chat logs) and the punishment for the behaviour.

The first few thousand cases will be reviewed by Riot staff in order to ensure that the automated system is working correctly. If things go well, then the system will roll out to other territories shortly after.

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KitGuru Says; MOBA communities are often quite unfriendly to new players along with those who don’t quite understand the game. Maybe this system will be able to fix some of that, although automated systems can often come with their own fair share of problems. 

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