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Tenda Nova MW6 Whole-Home Mesh Wi-Fi System Review

The box claims 6000 square feet of coverage. This is 1,000 more than NETGEAR does for the RBK50, which beat all comers in our Ultimate Mesh WiFi Shootout. Inside the box there are few surprises, with three power adapters and an Ethernet cable.

Tenda has chosen a fairly neutral cubic design for the nova MW6 units, with a larger cube subdivided into four smaller cubes, a bit like a Rubic’s cube – only one that would be really easy to solve. The white finish should fit a lot of home interior designs, although the units are very light, which doesn’t instill confidence in the build quality.

There’s just a tiny status LED on the top of each unit, above the nova product name. Otherwise the sides and top of the units have no functional elements. The bottom is where all the workings are hidden, including the sticker with the default SSID and password.

Next to the power connection, hidden under each unit, are two Gigabit Ethernet ports. One is marked for the broadband and one for client devices, but on satellite units both can be used by client devices.

Overall, the physical features of the units themselves are minimal. Power users would want more Gigabit Ethernet ports on each unit, as well as USB and maybe even a memory card reader. But the nova MW6 is clearly aimed at simplicity for consumers, so the streamlined design reflects this.

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