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Asus RT-AC3200 802.11ac Router Review

ASUS-RT-AC-3200-Review-KitGuru-Box-Front ASUS-RT-AC-3200-Review-KitGuru-Box-Rear

The Asus RT-AC3200 looks almost identical to the RT-AC87U. It uses the same external chassis, but with six antennas on the outside, rather than four. It’s notably a bit larger than many other routers, and the antennas are particularly tall.

ASUS-RT-AC-3200-Review-KitGuru-Unpacked-No-Antenna ASUS-RT-AC-3200-Review-KitGuru-Accessories

The box contains the six antennas stored separately, so they need to be affixed to the router chassis before use. The Asus power adaptor is a two-part affair, with a length cable and attached velcro to tie it together. There’s also a manual, software CD and warranty card, with the obligatory 1m ethernet cable included.


The rear of the Asus RT-AC3200 has the usual four gigabit ethernet ports, with a fifth for external connection to either a DSL or Cable modem. Four of the six antennas are connected at the back, with the other two connecting to the sides. On the left-hand side, there’s a USB 2 port, a red reset button and a WPS button. On the right is the power connector a manual power button.

ASUS-RT-AC-3200-Review-KitGuru-Rear-with-Antenna ASUS-RT-AC-3200-Review-KitGuru-Side-Quarter-Antenna-Attached

There are nine LEDS at the front to indicate various the status of various functions. In an attempt to differentiate the RT-AC3200 from the RT-AC87U, Asus has chosen white LEDs this time, rather than blue.

ASUS-RT-AC-3200-Review-KitGuru-Front-with-Antenna ASUS-RT-AC-3200-Review-KitGuru-Front-Lights

When the the antennas are attached, you can see how large they are relative to the router. If you leave the RT-AC3200 in a central location, it will hardly be inconspicuous.
ASUS-RT-AC-3200-Review-KitGuru-Under-Side-LED-WiFi ASUS-RT-AC-3200-Review-KitGuru-Under-Side-USB

On the underside of the AC3200 are some chunky buttons to the left, to turn the wifi and the LEDs on or off. The USB 3 port is locate don the right, in an easily accessible location, behind a protective piece of plastic.

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