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Powercolor JustSling Review

Rating: 8.0.

The tech world is a fast moving industry, and we have noticed this year that the multimedia sector has been developing at an incredible pace. A few weeks ago we looked at the AC Ryan VEOLO Media Streamer, an ultra low power Android device which can be connected directly to a television or monitor. Powercolor have just released their new ‘JustSling’ product which is designed to help centralize and distribute entertainment to various devices inside a home. The JustSling creates a gateway to wireless entertainment by offering a pair of devices that builds a bridge among multi rooms.

The image above highlights various situations in which the product can be used. Basically to stream any kind of media content, between rooms.

The video above shows the device being used to stream content between a Bluray player, and a television on the other side of the room, with support for IR controller devices.

Model Name WX1221-IH
Supported Video Resolutions 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p
Supported 3D Format 1080p @ 24Hz
Supported Audio Format 7.1 channels 192KHz 24-bit, AC3 and DTS Dollby
Wireless HDMI Technology WHDI
Transmission Distance Up to 25 meters (Line of sight)
Operation Frequency 4.9GHz~5.9GHz
Data Rate 3Gbps
Remote Control Function HID(Human Interface Device) for PC/NB
IR for HD AV source
Interface Transmitter: 1 x HDMI (Type A) input, 1x mini USB port for PC/NB, 1x IR Blaster jack
Receiver: 1x HDMI (Type A) input, 1x mini USB port for HID device, 1x build-in IR receiver
Power Consumption Transmitter: 10W in Operation
Receiver: 8W in Operation

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  • 34dsf

    Really cool idea, shame about availabilty. wonder what that is all about.

  • Brooke

    Good product, I would use this actually as I only have one pc and I want sometimes to watch movies downstairs on my big tv. cant see it for sale anywhere in europe.

  • Optix

    Rather unusual idea, like a ‘sling shot’ concept, which I guess is where they got the idea from. I read the original news story on this, did they change the name? it was initially called ‘sling it’?

    Weird company, but as they are far east based, most of them are.

  • Peielk

    Not sure I would ever need this, but I cant say ive ever seen it done before. so kudos for the original design.

    Shame they couldnt ake power from a USB port completely.

  • Alex R

    Love the idea ! i would probably go for a small media player like the AC RYAN as author says. however this would be really useful for a busy family setting with people wanting access to specific rooms when you need to watch something in a quieter part of the house. much easier than moving bluray players etc about.

  • Hank Wang

    Interesting idea, but its quite cluttering of the rooms with all those cables and adatpers etc.

  • Iain A

    Nice bit of wireless engineering, but its a small market, people will want a standalone networking media player for most jobs I think.

  • Soft Cell

    Why only germany ? did they do research and that audience want this or something? bizarre marketing decision.

  • ET

    Thanks for the review. Looks like a nice product, but as with all such products the price is usually an issue. I guess in this case availability is too. 🙂

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